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    Displays GM Application


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    Displays GM Application

    Post by DonovanDisplays on Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:49 am

    IGN & Real Name: Displays , Donovan

    Time Zone & Location? 8GMT+ Singapore

    How old are you? To be exact 13

    Contact(AIM,Yahoo,MSN): WoSiBandit@hotmail.com

    How often do you play? School days about 3 hours daily or 4 . If its holiday i play all day long Very Happy

    Do you have any specality (coding, GFX etc.)? Not really im not good in coding nor GFX.

    How much in-game experience do you have? I've been a Beta Tester in my friends MS.

    Ever been a GM before? I have been a Gm before at my friends sever

    Why do you wish to become a GM? I Wish to become a GM because i would love to host Events and Help out the ones that needs help or new to the Private Sever

    Will you follow the rules? No , Just Joking Of cause i will

    Are you friendly?: To Be frank sometimes

    How long have you played The MapleStone? I started this amazing Private Sever yesterday

    Additional info about you: Not Really Very Happy

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