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    Marios GM Application


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    Marios GM Application

    Post by Mario on Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:07 am

    [IGN] ~Mario~

    [Real Name] ~James Anfriento~

    [Time Zone & Location]

    ~CST Australia~

    [Age] 17

    [How often do you play]

    ~Holidays: 7:00am till 1:00am Weekends~

    ~Weekdays: 3:20pm till 9:30pm 7:00am till 2:30am

    [Do you have any speciality coding, GFX etc]

    ~I can do GFX Im sort of okay with coding~

    ~I can only edit npcs and stuff still learning Java~

    [How much in-game experience do you have]

    ~I have 5 years of experience with GMS,

    ~3 Years of Experience with Private Servers~

    [Have you even a GM before]

    ~Yes i have JanusMS, SneckMS,

    ~DiamondMS, KraziiMS and XuzionMS and more~

    [Why do you wish to become a GM]

    ~I want to help this server to gain opportunities in succeding to reach there chapter of reaching 1st ranked on maplestory200 and gtop100. My goal on servers is to give players enjoyable times with events giving them quizes helping them out and also helping the server gets donations~

    If i were a GameMaster at HellyMS i would strive my best to replace a broken mirror with a new one to reflect the light Of glory onto HellyMS i strive to make my friends players and community safe happy and calm.

    My life is all about gaming creating games and etc. I enjoy Maplestory private servers because they give players that come and join the server, opportunity to strive to be there best.

    Maplestory private servers are designed for players to have fun, Help out the server vote events monsters and finding new friends who aren't dangerous]

    [Will you follow the rules]

    ~Ive followed Maplestory private server rules for all my mapling years. I will do the same in HellyMS~

    [Are you friendly]

    ~I'm 100% friendly all though i hate hackers, i will destroy them if they set foot on this source~

    [How long have you played HellyMS]

    ~Ive been playing HellyMS since they Day it become V83.~

    [Additional info about yourself]

    ~Well im a kind person loving cherishing, I'm fully English great with talking to people.
    I enjoy hobbies like Building models of things creating Games and much more.
    I enjoy talking to friends playing games with friends any more~

    [Contact AIM,Yahoo,MSN]

    ~My msn is Mario_Galaxy_Rockz@hotmail.com~

    And i have a great cms you should use which Helly you will love.

    Download Link: http://forum.ragezone.com/f427/cms-maplestyle-v2-709605/
    Theres also some photo proof of it enjoy it Smile

    And i hope i get accepted as GM
    If i don't i wont quit i will keep playing and im not just saying that i will!


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