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    omg memories


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    omg memories Empty omg memories

    Post by KagamineLen on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:34 am

    whiel goin thru my photobucket, i found screenshots of an odl Server i played where i lead islanders Very Happy

    thsi my fav one, 2 days after we made islanders, we took a group screenshot
    omg memories Untitled-1

    i put this on a islander site so people would think i was pro, it worked but its obvious no islander has a PAC xD
    omg memories Proislander

    and i took this out of boredom -w-
    omg memories Maple0006

    i also found unfinished projects and such
    like a video i never finished, this was its banner
    omg memories BannedStory_imagepng-7

    so many memories~
    but sadly that server is closed down lol
    but i hope i have just as much fun in my time here ^^

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