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    KagamineLen's App

    Post by KagamineLen on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:24 am

    IGN and Real name:
    My IGN is KagamineLen/KagamineEdd
    My real name is Yukimaru, im Japanese and the age of 15

    TimeZone and Where you live:
    My time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    I live in South Carolina in North America

    Contact info:
    Aim:User name is Yukimaru Yohaku but you have to put in my email, Keltonnelson@yahoo.com

    How often do you play?:
    Depending on what day it is will depend on how long I play or when I come on.
    On weekdays im usually on by 4PM EST and off at around 10PM EST
    On Weekends im on around at least 11AM EST and off by 3Am EST at the latest.

    Are you an experinced coder?:
    I am not an experinced Coder, i know nothing with coding or any other things like that.

    how much in-game experience do you have?:
    I've played alot of PServers and i always try to do my best for the server i play, such as Voting.

    Have you been a Gm before?:
    Once, i was a GM. but only for 3 days, the server got cuaght advertising on GMS and nexon shut it down.

    Why do you wish to become a GM?:
    I like to do my best to help the server. Thats why i want to be the GM. Plus i heard alot are inactive so i want to be there to help out.

    Woudl you follow the rules?:
    I would not EVER take advantage of my position or break any rules. I would follow by every rule and do what I am told.

    Are you freindly?:
    I am very friendly, im pretty easy to get along with and if someone would need help i would try my best.

    How long have you played?:
    I haven't played long, about 3 weeks.But im pretty smart with some people and how the server works.

    Other stuff about you:
    Other stuff important about me would be that I have some family issues going on right now, so there may be time where i would have to afk or log off for a while. But that doesn't mean i still cant help.

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