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    Game Master Application Empty Game Master Application

    Post by fredinurbed on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:53 pm

    Dear Helly, I'm sorry for disturbing you but my name is Fredrik and I’m 15 years old, I’m writing to u because I’m interested of becoming a game master at your Private server. I play every day at least 1-2Hours, sometimes I log in to help new people and sometimes I just log in to have a chat with friends or to help anyone.
    I go to an English school in Sweden so I talk pretty fluent English.

    My real name is Fredrik and my character name is Fredinurbed.
    I’m interested of becoming a game master because I like to help people and I’m almost always friendly.

    I played Mapleeurope for 5 years and my character was level 145 bow master.
    I was a gm in Rydahms but unfortunately the server had to close because we got sued by Nexon.

    I got allot of experience being a regular member and a gm. I played mapleeurope and then I started to change to different private servers until I got gm at rydahms.

    I have played this game for 4 weeks now and I really enjoy it, I really like to help new people and to tell people what’s wrong and right on this server. I always follow the rules I’m told to follow because I come from a strict Christian family and I’m used to follow instructions and do what I have to do to proven trouble. Please Helly Send a message back as soon as possible and I really wish you and this server much luck in future

    Gm Application ~ Real name Fredrik
    In Game Name ~ Fredinurbed
    Hobbys ~ Sporting and helping people
    Description ~ A very friendly and nice person , Follows instructions well and speak and understand English very well.

    Why I want to become a gm ~ I want to become a gm because I know I can help people more if I’m a gm , my goal is to become a very nice gm that can help everyone. Thank you for our time

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