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    Stewzy's GM App (Remember Me Helly :P)



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    Stewzy's GM App (Remember Me Helly :P)

    Post by stewzy on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:15 am

    IGN & Real Name: Stewzy & Stewart Na

    Time Zone & Location? GMT 10+ East Australia

    How old are you? 15

    Contact(AIM,Yahoo,MSN): stewartna2@hotmail.com

    How often do you play? 12 hrs a week

    Do you have any specality (coding, GFX etc.)? No

    How much in-game experience do you have? A lot. I have been at helly since v75 so i know alot about the game.

    Ever been a GM before? Yes I have

    Why do you wish to become a GM? I would like to help people out. I just made my character but who said you have to be strong to be a GM. I had ALOT of experience in v75 helping everyone out. Also there arent many GM's on around my time so i could fill in for that time slot.

    Will you follow the rules? Yes definitely follow the rules

    Are you friendly?: Yes i am friendly. I do not be mean to others unless something they've done is very bad. I am usually a calm person

    How long have you played The MapleStone?: I've played MapleStone for 2 days but i played HellyMS for about 2 months or more.

    Additional info about you: Hope you accept me to join the crew.

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