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    MsSmexy GM applicationIGN & Real Name:



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    MsSmexy GM applicationIGN & Real Name:

    Post by MsSmexy on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:29 am

    IGN & Real Name: Hello, My real name is Jerry:D and my ign is MsSmexy.

    Time Zone & Location? I live in Singapore Very Happy (UTC+8:00) Singapore

    How old are you? I'm currently 16 this year Very Happy

    Contact(AIM,Yahoo,MSN): Skyline_5566@hotmail.com

    How often do you play? i play almost everyday unless i go outing. I usually play in the afternoon till Midnight which is around 12pm-4am Very Happy

    Do you have any specality (coding, GFX etc.)? Nope. I do not have Very Happy

    How much in-game experience do you have? Other than playing private server, i started playing MapleSea when i was in 12 years old. Which means 4years of game experience. Very Happy

    Ever been a GM before? I've been a GM in other private server for like 2weeks as the server was going to be closed down. Very Happy

    Why do you wish to become a GM? I hope to be a GM because i want to help people who just started play maple and doesn't know anything. I'm willing to guide them through process and giving them any assitance if they need me. Being a responsible and trustful GM is not an easy job, however i will try my best to learn things through help from other GM like Penzilla and xhurt. They did their job really well and i hope that i can give help to the player in maple like them. Very Happy

    Will you follow the rules? Being a GM first of all, i need to know the rules and do not break it. Rules given out from other GM are to be obey Very Happy

    Are you friendly? I can really be sure that i'm a friendly and cheerful chap that makes friend around maple. It doesn't really matter where the player is from and how they look like. If anyone wants to be my friend i willing to shake hands with him/her and smile to them Very Happy

    How long have you played The MapleStone? This will be the 3rd week playing maplestone, i have been making friends around and helping the newcomer.

    Additional info about you: I hope to be a GM and help the newcomer. As well as contributing to this server. If player need my help i will be there Very Happy


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    Re: MsSmexy GM applicationIGN & Real Name:

    Post by stewzy on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:26 pm

    good luc i am running for GM too Very Happy

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